In God We Trust

by David Crum

Photo: Alamy

Newly appointed Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, shared a photo of the American flag with the phrase “In God We Trust.”

In his first speech, he underscored his faith in God and affirmed the authority of the Scriptures. During his interview with Sean Hannity, Johnson similarly emphasized his Christian beliefs and how the Bible guides his daily life.

While placing complete trust in God is easy to proclaim, it is much more challenging to perform. After all, most of America still acknowledges belief in God, claiming Christianity as their religion. However, the belief in the inerrancy and infallibility of the Scriptures and the sovereignty of God is rare among Americans.

Johnson was unknown to most people but not to Christians. His faith is nothing new, and he has never shied away from his biblical worldview, which dictates every aspect of his life.

Believers should not only embrace but rejoice at the selection of Mike Johnson as speaker. This is a victory for Christians and one that can have a notable impact on legislative matters in future months and perhaps even years to come.

In a nation dominated by political and religious liberalism, Johnson represents traditional Christians who stay true to the faith’s core principles.

Despite the GOP’s chaos, we should credit all Republicans for unanimously voting Johnson into leadership.  

Johnson now has the opportunity to continue living out his worldview and affect others within the Christian spirit. His appointment can bring change to a country that has strayed from biblical standards.

The phrase “In God We Trust” should be a way of life that Christians defend and embody. It teaches: 1. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul. 2. Be confident that God knows best in good and bad times. 3. To depend on the Lord for His protection and guidance.

The Scriptures clearly teach that God appoints government officials and uses them for His purpose and authority (Romans 13:1). Be delighted that a devout Christian has gained one of the most powerful positions in government.

Believers should unite in prayer and praise God for this development. The Lord’s choice of Johnson as the GOP leader reassures Christians that God has not entirely abandoned the nation.  

The U.S. is a melting pot of different cultures and religions, but the historical connection to Christianity has always remained unique. We know America as being home to prominent Christian institutions and leaders.

Johnson will face opposition and many critics—he already has, but all Christians do. However, relying on His Lord and Savior, he will prevail. Christians should pray this is just the beginning of a transformation and revival within the government. There is no denying that the nation is in turmoil and needs heavenly wisdom and instruction.

Like Johnson, we should embrace the idea of trusting and relying on God and pray for more Christian leaders to be appointed to political positions.

Despite the nation’s rejection of biblical principles, believers stay engaged in elections and government affairs. Allow Johnson’s appointment to strengthen your own political involvement and provide hope and assurance that you can rescue and reclaim the nation as a country that not only supports Christianity but embraces the tenets of the faith.

There is much work to do, but with God, nothing is impossible.

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