Trump gives Biden infamous ‘You’re fired” catchphrase during Pennsylvania rally

by Alex Caldwell

While speaking to supporters at his campaign rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, President Trump touted the successes of his presidency, telling audience members on Saturday that he always put “America first.”

“Less than four years ago, our border was secure. Inflation was no where to be seen,” President Trump said. “The world was at peace. They respected your country, and America was strong like never before, all because you had a president who put America first. I put America first.”

The 45th president then took aim at his chief rival, Joe Biden, noting that the Democrat incumbent’s policies, specifically his record with foreign affairs, would have the United States “be in World War III soon.”

“Now under Crooked Joe Biden, the worst president in the history of our country, the world is in flames,” the president said. “Our border is overrun, inflation is raging, crime is out of control, Europe is in chaos, the Middle East is exploding, Iran is emboldened, China is on the march, and this horrible, horrible president is dragging us to World War III.”

President Trump then paid homage to his famous catchphrase from “The Apprentice,” telling the Pennsylvania audience how they would be the ones telling Biden, “You’re fired,” during the election this November.

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