Trump: Biden is ‘compromised’ a ‘glaring threat to national security’

by Joshua Perry

Photo: Alamy

President Trump gave no quarter in his scorching critique of Joe Biden on Tuesday in a newly released video on Rumble.

“The Biden crime family received more than 20 million dollars from foreign countries while Crooked Joe was Vice President,” said Trump. The comment is substantiated by the recent public release of the Biden family bank records. House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., published the discovery on Aug. 9.

The expose revealed that the Biden family and their business associates took in millions of dollars from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. According to Trump, the Biden family likely accepted more than the reported figure. “That’s just the money they found,” he said.

Moreover, President Trump characterized Joe Biden as a “compromised” government official. Based on these facts, Trump alleged that Biden “was bribed” and is now subjected to being “blackmailed.”

Highlighting Biden’s disloyalty to America, Trump labeled him a “Manchurian candidate” for president.

As a result, Trump believes this is one of the reasons why Biden is letting other countries disrespect the United States. Joe Biden is “petrified of China because they know exactly how much money has been given to him,” Trump said.

Furthermore, Trump slammed Biden for shutting down his administration’s China Initiative to combat Chinese espionage in America. In addition, Joe Biden “let China off the hook for Covid,” stated Trump.

Continuing, “He shut down the investigations into the origins of the China virus.” President Trump continued lambasting Biden for doing “nothing” about China’s takeover of South America, construction of bases in Cuba, and threats to Taiwan.

President Trump further critiqued Biden’s mishandling of foreign policy between Ukraine and Russia. Joe Biden’s “corruption is a glaring threat to national security,” Trump stated.

Therefore, President Trump vowed to investigate the “Biden crime family” if elected in 2024. “Justice will be done,” exclaimed Trump.

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