Trump says Friday was ‘the biggest day yet for signups on TRUTH’

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump announced Monday that Truth Social saw the “biggest day yet for signups” on Friday, adding that “amazing numbers are happening, and quickly!”

“Friday was, we believe, the biggest day yet for signups on TRUTH,” the president posted on Truth. “Amazing numbers are happening, and quickly!” The exact numbers were not made immediately available.

From the start, Truth Social has been widely popular, soaring to number one on the Apple Charts the moment it launched on Presidents’ Day, as previously reported.

Americans fed up with Big Tech censorship flooded the app, leading to a waitlist of over one million people.

Nonetheless, the app has continued to improve and add new features since its launch, including a web app where anyone in the U.S. can join the platform.

Truth Social allows users to “Quote Truth” in addition to “ReTruthing.” Like Twitter, users can directly voice their thoughts on other users’ posts. A streamlined activity center has also been added, where users can see their newest followers and see who has “liked” or “ReTruthed” their posts.

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