Trump touts ‘explosive revelations’ in Wisconsin’s 2020 audit

by Gary Smith

President Trump’s Save America PAC on Monday shared an article unveiling “explosive revelations” in Wisconsin’s freshly released 2020 election audit report.

“And this is just the beginning,” said President Trump as other swing states consider similar actions to secure their systems for 2022.

President Trump’s PAC linked to an analysis of the Wisconsin audit results, conducted by Bill Osmulski of the MacIver Institute, which concluded that numerous unexplained actions occurred during the 2020 election, which could very well have changed the outcome in favor of Joe Biden.

“Among the most alarming problems identified in this audit is how Wisconsin Election Commissioners uses the ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center) database,” Osmulski wrote. “ERIC allows states to determine if residents are voting in multiple states, have died in other states, moved within the state, voted multiple times in the same election, or are eligible to vote but not registered.”

“It turns out WEC had never run a report on whether people were voting in other states or died in other states going back to 2016,” he continued. “The first time it ran the report was in May, after the auditors started poking around. The only ERIC report it ran in 2020 was for eligible voters who weren’t registered.”

The Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau, responsible for the 168-page report analyzed by Osmulski, admitted that a statewide survey of ballots cast in 2020 showed that election laws were administered “inconsistently.”

Republican state Sen. Kathy Bernier, the current chair of the Senate elections committee, said the findings show “sloppy” and “inconsistent” election administration that must be addressed.

Republican state Rep. Samantha Kerkman, the Audit Committee co-chairwoman, said it is “critically important” that Wisconsin restores public trust in their elections process.

Republican Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, who was chastised by President Trump for inaction to investigate fraud in 2020, said the audit ‘showed the need’ for more investigation into the election.

With President Trump applying pressure for more audits like the successful ones conducted in Arizona and Wisconsin, which swing state will be next on the list to ensure all MAGA votes are counted in the next election?

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