71% of Republicans believe Biden’s presidency is illegitimate, poll suggests

by Laura Ramirez

As the United States struggles with high inflation, botched Afghanistan withdrawal, unconstitutional vaccine mandates, and a gripping supply chain crisis, we approach the end of Joe Biden’s first year in office. However, the administration failed to woo Americans after the series of crises that struck the country.

Biden’s approval rating tanked as a result as Americans woke up to his radical policies in his first months of the presidency.

One year later, more than half of Republicans and nearly one-third of Americans believe Biden’s presidency is illegitimate, according to a new poll from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

When asked if Biden’s victory in 2020 was legitimate or not, 71 percent of Republicans claimed Biden’s presidency to be illegitimate, with 46 percent saying “definitely not legitimate” and 25 percent saying “probably not legitimate.” Only 21 percent of Republicans believe it was legitimate.

The poll follows a highly debatable presidential election resulting in election audits across the country demonstrating voting irregularities in the nation’s largest counties.

A different poll conducted by Rasmussen in November suggests President Trump would dominate in a presidential rematch against Biden.

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