Actor Jon Voight decries ‘forces of evil’ in America, urges Americans to watch next Trump rally

by Summer Lane

Hollywood actor Jon Voight released a video this week discussing rising political unrest in America in the wake of President Donald Trump’s 2020 bid for reelection. “My fellow Americans,” Voight said, “we will never allow this force of evil to knock down our constitution, our God-given truths.”

Since President Trump departed the White House, the United States has experienced multiple crises, including the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, rising inflation, and loss of voter trust in the process of state and federal elections. In fact, 70 percent of Republicans believe that the November 2020 presidential election was unfair, due to countless reports of election fraud, ballot interference, and coronavirus restrictions. These are just some of the factors that have planted seeds of doubt and anxiety in Americans today.

Jon Voight’s message to Americans comes at a time when people are allegedly feeling divided on just about everything. Just 23 percent of Americans feel that the United States is united under Joe Biden’s leadership.

Voight continued in his video, “We are all saddened by the unrighteousness that has doomed our nation. We are all angry for this deceit that has taken our freedom, our children’s freedom.” He went on, “But we must not give up. For God will remind all that His power is stronger than any politician.”

Voight urged his followers to participate in the upcoming rally for President Trump this Saturday, Oct. 9, in Des Moines, Iowa.

“My friends, we’re all sad and heartbroken. Our nation is in despair. But he [Trump] fought for us once and he will do it again,” he added.

Voight has made headlines in the past for his unwavering support for President Trump. In 2019, he supported President Trump in a pair of videos, calling him the “greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.”

This week, Voight closed his video with a message of hope for the American people. “Let us hold our heads high,” he encouraged, “[and] our hopes high. And let us remember our forefathers’ words, the words stamped on our flag, our dollar bills; our trust. In God we trust. Much love to you.”

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