Alex Jones makes unsettling prediction about the deep state’s ‘only next move’ against Trump

by Hailey Gomez

Photo: Alamy

Founder of InfoWars, Alex Jones, told Tucker Carlson Thursday that he predicts the “deep state” would attempt to “kill” both former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden before the 2024 elections.

Jones appeared on former Fox host Tucker Carlson’s Twitter show to discuss a slew of topics from being deplatformed off of the social media site, to living in Austin, Texas. During the interview, Carlson asked Jones his thoughts on the upcoming elections with the two leading candidates predicted to be Trump and Biden.

Jones responded by explaining the “trajectory” of the pace that the media is now “escalating on Trump,” claiming that the “globalists are coming after him.”

“If you look at the trajectory of this, how they’re escalating on Trump, whether you love him or hate him – he’s now a populist icon. He’s now the underdog. The globalists are coming after him. They’re coming after our right to vote for who we want,” Jones stated.

“Which is the fundamental right to a democracy. The people rule, I can vote for whomever I want. If you don’t like that person, that’s immaterial, right?” Carlson questioned. 

“Absolutely, and he’s been indicted for saying or stealing elections,” Jones stated. “They’re stealing it…”

“Oh, I’m aware. In their indictments of him is election theft, but yes,” Tucker briefly interjected. 

Jones continued to say that although Trump has a large portion of the Republican votes, he believes that the “Deep State” does “kill people,” highlighting that Trump and Biden might allegedly be next on their list.

“But despite that, he’s got 60% against all the Republicans. He’s 15-20 points ahead of Biden. It’s backfired, but the state’s not gonna stop. So what you said to Trump several times in that 400 million views whatever you got, biggest show ever. You said to him, well isn’t the next thing them trying to kill you. And he’s so confident, he doesn’t want to think about that,” Jones responded.

“Whereas I admire someone that’s that confident, you know, the Deep State does kill people. And that’s their only next move because this is failing. And I think they’re gonna kill Biden too,” Jones continued.

“What you said in the speech again, before the last one I talked about like a month ago, you said, ‘I don’t see Biden and Trump being the candidates.’ You see the system, the media going after Biden, and he deserves it, but they were covering it up until now. Now they’re covering the laptop, now they’re covering attack on the dog, now they’re covering, you know, all of his civility,” Jones stated. 

Twitter permanently banned Jones in 2018 on the social media platform, alleging that the InfoWars founder violated the company’s policy against “abusive behavior,” the Associated Press reported.

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