Tucker Carlson’s interview with Alex Jones goes viral

by Summer Lane

Tucker Carlson has become a lightning rod for unfiltered conversations since launching his new, untethered show on social media, “Tucker Carlson on X.”

This week, his newest interview with personality and commentator Alex Jones went viral on X, garnering millions of views in just a few hours on the platform.

Jones, who has widely been labeled a “conspiracy theorist” by the legacy media, had a chance to explain his methodology of sorting through information, discussing how he was able to predict with chilling accuracy the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks decades ago.

“This whole apparatus of the war on terror has been turned inwardly against the people – not just here but also in Europe,” Jones explained to Carlson, highlighting the heightening tyranny around the world.

Jones also spoke about how he has been aggressively de-platformed for sharing his information and predictions over the years – something that he said he can do simply by reading the published and available work and reports from academic institutions, the military, and our own government.

“I knew that I was a test case,” Jones explained of the hardcore censorship that he has experienced. “…Once I was deplatformed, it made my show in a way get bigger.”

Jones offered insight into the encroaching New World Order, which he explained was a globalist scheme to merge world governments and essentially desecrate American sovereignty. His comments centered on putting the puzzle pieces of U.S. federal corruption together with power players like the United Nations and how Americans’ own bodies have been put in jeopardy by things like the sinister prospective Pandemic Treaty.

In the wake of the Covid pandemic, many Americans have recognized the rise of federal regulations and overreach, which have spurred a sort of vindication for Jones, who has long been seen as fringe and “alt-right” for predicting some of the things that have come to fruition.

Jones also discussed the southern border crisis with Carlson, explaining why it’s so difficult for governors like Gov. Greg Abbott, R-Texas, to take a sovereign stand to protect his state against the invasion of illegal migrants at the border. “What the Deep State fears would be a coalition of good governors, good attorney generals, giving them the findings and the rulings that they could indeed do that [defend the border]…” he said.

He also decried the ongoing leftist-fueled racial tensions in the United States. “They’re making it racial,” he explained. “Just like Hitler made what he did racial. So, it’s the left and the think tanks and the Communist Chinese that look at the U.S. and see our weakness as race and then exacerbate it.”

Other topics that Jones touched on were global depopulation, Brian Stelter, the eradication of agrarian living and farming, as well as his prediction for the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

Jones gloomily seemed to suggest, along with Carlson, that the “Deep State” could attempt to assassinate both Joe Biden and President Donald Trump ahead of the election. “The Deep State does kill people,” he said. “And that’s their only next move, because this [their takeover] is failing.”

He also suggested that there could be some kind of national emergency that could kick off a decree of martial law ahead of the November 2024 election, which would effectively put the election on hold and stop the prospective victory of Donald Trump.

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