Arizona Strong: Abe Hamadeh seeks new trial for vote discrepancies, Lake punches back with appeal

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

GOP Arizona Attorney General candidate Abe Hamadeh is taking a stand in the Grand Canyon State after a Mohave County Superior Court judge previously dismissed his election challenge.

According to a report from Just the News, Hamadeh filed a motion for a new trial this week after “shocking revelations from the recount.” Hamadeh’s lawsuit is focused on Pinal County.

Hamadeh is also asking for a hand recount of the ballots in Pinal, which he allegedly lost by 511 votes – a number that dropped to a slim 280 votes after a recount was completed.

Hamadeh further expands on the election issues in Arizona.

“We simply ask that we be given the opportunity to apply the Pinal County process across the board to conduct a physical inspection and hand count of ballots that if the Pinal County issue repeats itself anywhere else in the state could be outcome determinative in this election,” Hamadeh stated Wednesday on Twitter.

Hamadeh’s attorneys are arguing that the recount identified “significant, material discrepancies that cast doubt upon the completeness and accuracy of the election results,” per ABC 15 Arizona.

In an interview with Charlie Kirk, Hamadeh also pointed out that in the Maricopa County race, there were still “thousands of uncounted ballots. There’s 51,000+ under votes in Maricopa County. These are people who supposedly skipped the Attorney General race.”

Maricopa’s disastrous Election Day processes have prompted the GOP gubernatorial nominee, Kari Lake, to appeal her own case that alleges malicious misconduct from the county in November 2022.

As reported by RSBN, Lake’s case was dismissed by Superior Court Judge Thompson, but it will now be heading straight to the Arizona Appeals Court before its final stop at the Arizona Supreme Court.

“This decision was done without prejudice & I am confident the case will end up in their hands eventually,” she stated. “We’re moving forward.”

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