Trump lights up Ruby Freeman again for changing her testimony after feds reportedly reached out to her

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump shared damning audio tapes on Truth Social that captured several stunning omissions from an embattled election worker in the 2020 presidential election in Fulton County, Georgia.

“The Ruby Freeman tapes that I put up on Truth Social are AMAZING,” he wrote. “Now they have been heard and seen all over America, together with the actual act of ‘stuffing the ballot boxes’ with far more votes than needed for me, and Senator Perdue, to win GEORGIA.”

Freeman has come under fire for the newly released videos, which appear to boldly contradict her sworn testimony to the Jan. 6 House Committee. As reported by RSBN, Freeman told officers on video that there was a likely coverup that took place in Georgia to hide election fraud, prior to her testimony in front of the House Committee.

“It is serious,” she said. “It is deep. It is so real…the USB ports, I really would love to go live with that because the ballots is history…Now it’s the USB ports. So I need an attorney. I want to go live, I’ll go live on every platform because it is going to blow your mind.”

Freeman had previously been accused of taking part in fraudulent activities. Via The Georgia Record, she was seen on camera allegedly pulling boxes of mysterious ballots from under the table in Fulton County on Election Night. Freeman was also caught scanning and rescanning large stacks of ballots into a computer.

Trump pointed out that, based on the tapes, it appeared that Freeman was ready to blow the whistle on an alleged network of fraudsters that were potentially embedded within federal agencies.

“At first she thought that they had been caught, got VERY nervous, and wanted to ‘spill the beans’ on everyone,” Trump explained in his comments. “Then the SOS, GBI, FBI, calmed her down, helped CLEAN her social media, took her away (for two months!). SHE THEN CHANGED HER STORY!”

Trump further reminded Americans of the disastrous “WATER MAIN BREAK” in Fulton County in 2020 that caused an alleged delay in counting votes.

He added, “Like everything else, it was FAKE, there was no water main break. Ruby’s group (only) soon came back into the room, with no security or vote watchers, grabbed the thousands and thousands of ballots hidden under a cloth skirted table, and began putting them into (STUFFING) the machines, all caught on tape, and so OBVIOUSLY WRONG. They can’t explain!”

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