As people of the world rise up, countries begin rolling back Covid restrictions

by Summer Lane

In the wake of ongoing worldwide protests against Covid-related regulations and vaccine mandates, world leaders are beginning to heed the voices of their people and peel back restrictive medical policies that have brought society to a screeching halt since 2020.

For example, Sweden, a country that previously implemented a vaccine passport system and mandated masks for its populace, has announced that they will be scrapping those regulations altogether on Feb. 9, according to a report from The Freedom Corner by Peter Imanuelsen.

Further, Denmark has already removed their Covid-related restrictions, while Norway and Finland are well on their way to doing the same. Imanuelsen reports that Finland will be rolling back their coronavirus restrictions in March, joining the Scandinavian and Nordic chorus of countries leading the way on halting “health” passes and mandated mask wearing.

Additionally, England ended most domestic coronavirus restrictions in January, scrapping mask mandates and vaccine passports amidst public pushback against the tyrannical lockdowns and medical segregation occurring in businesses and public venues. In Spain, lawmakers will reportedly lift mask mandates in Madrid after regional authorities in Aragon recently dropped Covid passports, along with Catalonia, according to a report from Gulf News.

A recent scene from Australia, one of the countries were people are still fighting for a reprieve from vaccine mandates and health regulations

Both Switzerland and Italy are also expected to begin discussions on how to relax Covid-related restrictions next Wednesday, according to a report from NDTV. These countries are moving in a diametrically different direction than countries like Austria, who are actively fining unvaccinated citizens, the outlet added.

Since the coronavirus pandemic has dragged on for about two years with no end in sight, citizens of the world continue to rise up and push back peacefully but powerfully against medical restrictions and regulations. This organic opposition to government tyranny has paved the way for many world leaders to soften their stance on coronavirus vaccine enforcement and mask mandates. Many hope that this is only the beginning of the movement to recapture the ideals of freedom and individual liberty.

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