Tulsi Gabbard warns against dictatorship if censorship is allowed to continue

by Laura Ramirez

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, warned last week that Big Tech’s assault on free speech will lead to the demise of the republic and precipitate dictatorship if allowed to continue. 

“Each of us as Americans have to understand and our own responsibility to stand up and protect that freedom in our own way and reject this censorship, and just remind people what this is all about and how — if we allow these threats to continue and this censorship to continue, the power elite to spread their own controlling propaganda, we will lose who we are as a country,” Gabbard said during an interview with Sean Hannity. 

“We will no longer have this democratic republic,” the former congresswoman continued. “We will have a dictatorship that is controlling what people are allowed to hear, what we’re allowed to see, and what we’re allowed to say, and we will be America no longer.”

Gabbard’s comments come as Joe Rogan is faced with censorship and calls for him to be cancelled after he invited Dr. Robert Malone to discuss Covid-19 vaccines on his show.

Singer Neil Young attempted to silence Rogan by giving Spotify an ultimatum to choose between keeping either his music or Rogan’s podcast because he believed the podcaster shared “fake information about vaccines.”

Fortunately for Rogan, the music platform sided with him and plans to remove Young’s music from the platform. 

Nonetheless, Spotify will start placing content warnings on Covid-related topics. It has also since removed several of Rogan’s Covid-related podcast episodes.

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