At least 50K pour into Pickens, South Carolina, to celebrate American independence with President Trump

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Over the weekend, President Trump drew tens of thousands of patriotic Americans to the quaint main street of Pickens, South Carolina, where the power of his 2024 presidential reelection bid was unflinchingly put on display for the world to see.

According to Fox News, at least 50,000 people packed into Pickens to see President Donald Trump, based on estimates from local police. For reference, the small South Carolina town has a population of just 3,400 people.

While heading into the rally on Saturday, President Trump treated rallygoers to a flyover before landing in South Carolina onboard Trump Force One.

Impressively, the massive turnout for Trump’s Independence Day rally took place amid scorching summertime temperatures.

The Rushingbrook Children’s Choir additionally performed the National Anthem at the opening of the event. Previously, the child singers had been escorted from the Capitol Building by police for their performance of the nation’s anthem.

President Donald Trump leaned heavily into themes of patriotism and the American spirit with Independence Day-themed remarks.

He declared to the crowd, “Like General Pickens, all of us here today are in a battle for American liberty and independence, and like the great general we must stand tall, we must stand strong, and we MUST CHARGE FORWARD TO VICTORY!”

General Pickens was a Revolutionary War hero whom the town was named after in 1898.

Trump noted that today’s patriots “stand on the shoulders of generations of American patriots who gave EVERYTHING they had for our country and for our freedom.”

In a touching conclusion to his speech, Trump gave the crowd a bullet-point list of the crumbling infrastructure and eroding constitutional liberties within America today. He capped off his comments with a promise to make America great again.

“We are going to finish what we started,” he promised, looking ahead to 2024.

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