AZ State Supreme Court expedites hearing for Kari Lake’s lawsuit

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GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake received some good news this week after the Arizona State Supreme Court moved to expedite a hearing regarding her lawsuit against Maricopa County election officials and former Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, multiple outlets have reported.

Lake, who filed the lawsuit in December 2022 following chaotic election processes in Maricopa County on Election Day, commented on the news on Twitter, noting, “I will never stop fighting, I can promise you that.”

According to a report from The Epoch Times, the court granted the “motion for expedited consideration” and expects to consider the case on March 21 during an internal conference.

The court will then decide whether they will move forward and schedule oral arguments.

Via RSBN, Lake’s lawsuit was filed with the Arizona State Supreme Court in February after the Arizona Appellate Court affirmed the decision of the superior court to allow Katie Hobbs to remain governor of the Grand Canyon State.

“We’re asking that the seven justices take a look at it [the case], apply the law, and rule in our favor,” she told RSBN’s Brian Glenn at CPAC in Washington, D.C. last week.

“When you apply the law, we believe we will get a ruling in our favor. Because right now, if the Arizona Supreme Court doesn’t take this up, and the lower court’s ruling stands, they’re basically saying that election procedures and election laws don’t matter – you don’t have to follow them, chain of custody doesn’t matter, don’t worry about it….that’s why it is imperative that the Supreme Court in Arizona take this case up and listen to it and rule on the law,” she continued.

The court’s move to expedite Lake’s case is a positive turn for her team. Per The Epoch Times, Katie Hobbs must respond to the motion for expedited consideration by March 13.

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