Bannon calls for Ronna McDaniel to RESIGN

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

Across social media, Republicans and others are calling for Ronna McDaniel to resign, including Steve Bannon and John Solomon. 

In a video shared by Charlie Kirk of the Charlie Kirk Show on X, former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon and Just the News host John Solomon discuss Ronna McDaniel and call for her resignation. This comes after McDaniel, who is a Republican National Committee (RNC) chairwoman, is being called out for the GOP loss in Kentucky. 

Solomon questioned why the Republicans have kept her around for so long when she consistently underperforms. In the video, he said, “Republicans keep giving Ronna McDaniel a promotion,” when he feels that they should be doing something more significant and compares the situation to when someone keeps underperforming they get fired.

Bannon pointed out that the RNC is failing Republicans by failing to raise money and connecting with people, whereas President Trump’s MAGA does.

With many echoing the call for McDaniel’s resignation, Solomon points out what investors think of the RNC, saying, “Some of the big donors are fed up. They’re done with the RNC.” Solomon believes that to fix the problem with the RNC, they need to get to the root cause.

In response, Bannon asked Solomon what exactly he was calling for and if he was saying McDaniel must resign. Solomon answered, “Across the board, to people I have talked to, they said we have a Ronna McDaniel problem, and they got to do it.” Solomon also called on President Trump to urge her resignation.

It’s not just Bannon and Solomon who feel this way. Politico reported what Fox News host Tucker Carlson said about McDaniel, “If you’re losing, get out. We cannot reward incompetence.”

Former Republican member of the Florida House of Representatives, Anthony Sabatini, wrote on X, “Ronna McDaniel will go down as the worst RNC Chair in history.” 

McDaniel has until Jan. 27 to try to hold onto her supporters for the next RNC leadership election. In the meanwhile, President Trump continues to lead in the GOP polls

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