Biden appears confused as he bumbles through UK visit

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Joe Biden’s European visit this week is making headlines as he visited the newly coronated King Charles amid what appeared to be a daze of confusion and detachment.

Biden, who has taken a series of nasty falls since moving into the White House in January 2021, appeared wooden and slow when greeting King Charles in London, holding the king’s arm as they walked up a curb:

Later, Biden confusedly walked in front of King Charles while inspecting the British guards at the palace. Many Americans may remember that President Trump also visited England during his term as president, where he met with the late Queen Elizabeth.

Co-owner of Trending Politics, Collin Rugg, pointed out that the mainstream media went berserk in their coverage of Trump’s visit, accusing him of committing a “faux pas” by walking in front of the queen. However, Biden’s dazed amble with King Charles has not received the same type of criticism from the media.

Biden’s overseas visit also comes after he vacationed over the weekend at the beach, where video surfaced online of the president seeming to struggle to walk across the sand and sink into a beach chair, highlighting a nationwide concern among many Americans regarding what seems to be a rapid decline in his physical wellbeing.

In June, Biden took a nasty fall onstage during the Air Force Academy cadet graduation ceremony in Colorado, RSBN reported. The fall was bad enough that he had to receive assistance to get back up.

Biden has also fallen while boarding Air Force One, and he recently hit his head while disembarking Marine One. Per RSBN, Discern Report Editor J.D. Rucker noted that Biden’s air force fall was his 14th known tumble.

On Monday, Biden continued his overseas tour, landing in Lithuania for the NATO summit, appearing confused on the tarmac.

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