Biden approval dip in Arizona driven largely by independents and suburban women

by Benjamin Horvath

Joe Biden’s approval rating has cratered in Arizona, which is considered a swing state, amid seemingly unending crises and bad decisions.

According to a recent poll released by OH Predictive Insights, he earned just 42 percent approval rating compared to 55 percent disapproval in the state, as originally reported by the Washington Examiner.

The negative 13 percent net approval for Biden is driven heavily by a significant erosion of support among independent voters, with whom Biden registered a paltry 35 percent approval rating.

“[I]ndependents in a key battleground state is worth paying attention to if Biden is looking to improve his numbers in Arizona,” said OH Predictive Insights chief researcher Mike Noble, who projected a Democrat shellacking next November based on the survey’s results.

Biden reportedly carried Arizona by 11,000 votes in 2020, highlighted by the now-infamous Fox News call of the state mere minutes after polls closed—a projection which totally shifted momentum away from President Trump who, at the time, appeared to be on an easy path to re-election.

Among other key statistics in the survey, Biden scored just a 41 percent approval among suburban women, a pivotal voting bloc which propelled Republican victories in a handful of elections in November of this year.

Biden remains significantly underwater on key issues with Arizona voters, particularly on issues such as immigration, U.S. economy, and foreign policy.

Arizona is a pivotal state for control of the U.S. Senate, as incumbent Democrat Senator Mark Kelly faces an uphill climb in his bid for re-election next November.

The bad news for the Biden administration comes a few months after the announcement of a full forensic audit of the state, in which a cybersecurity group lead to the discovery of nearly 700,000 suspect ballots cast in the November election.  

Arizona Attorney General has made rumblings in the past few days about possible further investigations concerning Maricopa County’s reported election results.

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