Biden campaign mocked for bringing in Hillary

2RG0ABX PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA - JULY 20, 2023: President Joe Biden speaks at the Philly Shipyard.

Photo: Alamy

The Trump campaign recently made fun of the Biden campaign’s move to bring in Hillary Clinton after NBC News reported that she is a “key player” for Joe Biden’s reelection effort.

President Donald Trump’s senior advisor, Jason Miller, had choice words when addressing the subject with OAN. He said, “If you’re bringing in Crooked Hillary to try to help turn a campaign around, you’re doing it all wrong.”

He called it “great” and noted that there must be a “void of people that can help Joe Biden, if they have to resurrect Crooked Hillary.”

Miller added, “I hope they send Crooked Hillary to Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. You know what? I may even chip in for the bus tour.”

“Send her all around the country. Book her on TV every single day. Because if there’s one thing that will say we’re going to go in the wrong direction, it’s the picture of Hillary Rodham Clinton,” he continued. 

Clinton’s lack of presence in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania while campaigning for the 2016 presidential election has been blamed for her defeat by President Trump, per the Detroit Free Press. Plus, add in the fact that she lacked a high favorability rating before the 2016 election, per Gallup.

Miller is not the only one laughing at the Biden campaign for dusting off Clinton. 

Podcast host Chad Prather posted to X, stating, “That sound you hear is Democrats scraping the bottom of the barrel.”

Red State Columnist Buzz Patterson wrote, “Imagine the fear, angst, and panic that would force you to resort to a two-time loser (and horrible person) to resuscitate your political ambitions.”

Political commentator Tom Borelli stated, “If two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton is the Democrats’ ‘secret weapon,’ they’re in deep (poop emoji).”

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