Biden’s America LAST policies stoke the flames of war as his polling SINKS

2WJ2JM3 United States President Joe Biden makes remarks at the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference in Washington, DC, February 12, 2024. Credit: Chris Kleponis/Pool via CNP/MediaPunch

Analysis by Summer Lane | Photo: Alamy

Joe Biden’s economic and foreign policies have facilitated failure and stoked the flames of global war over the past three years, and there’s a good argument that these two main issues have contributed to his plummeting popularity with American voters.

Nationwide, Trump has jumped up to an eight-point lead over Biden in a head-to-head general election battle, according to data from Rasmussen Reports. With the media machine and Democrat mega-millions on his side, it seems like someone like Biden would have an easy path to a reelection victory. Unfortunately for him, his failures as an executive officer of the United States have soured the nation’s overall opinion of his administration.

Biden’s America last policies have facilitated a rapid uptick in political division and global unrest. Just this week, White House National Security Communications Advisor John Kirby stated that the Biden administration does not support Taiwan’s independence, even as Chinese and Russian warships have been spotted sailing between Japan and the embattled nation over the past week, per USNI.

And, despite clear threats from Russia that they would be willing to start a nuclear war if Ukraine joined NATO, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated this week, “Ukraine will become a member of NATO.”

Amidst the toil and trouble bubbling up overseas, the domestic situation within the U.S. isn’t looking good for Biden, either. As the southern border crisis rages on, facilitating mass illegal immigration, the state of the economy has also deteriorated.

Biden’s so-called “Bidenomics” agenda has failed to fire up the engine of American production, instead leading to skyrocketing prices on basic items like eggs, coffee, and milk. Biden’s “Green New Deal” initiative has also contributed to the slow death of American energy independence and auto manufacturing as he pushes toward eradicating gas engines and continually blocks American oil drilling.

Biden’s policies consistently prioritize the needs of foreign powers over those of the American people. Unlike Trump, whose entire administration and current 2024 campaign are built upon the power of America First policies, Biden has cut off all logical pathways to American independence, production, energy, sovereignty, and foreign peace.

Trump reminded the country last fall, “When I was your president, we had PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH. Now we have weakness, conflict, and chaos. The atrocities we are witnessing in Israel would NEVER have happened if I was president.”

Joe Biden swiftly dismantled the working policies of the Trump administration upon taking office, axing them one by one, and today’s chaos is the result. “Joe Biden undid it – he undid it ALL,” Trump lamented.

As November 2024 looms ominously closer, Biden’s standing as a contender against Donald Trump has waned considerably since 2020. Polls indicate that Biden is wildly unpopular – a recent poll from the Wall Street Journal/Fabrizio found that he holds a 59 percent non-favorability rating across seven key battleground states among registered voters.  

Biden’s America Last policies seem to be all the evidence that voters need to see that he is not fit to occupy the White House and that it’s time to return to America First strength once again.

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