Biden’s approval rating drops to all-time low amid Afghanistan crisis

by Ashley Muñoz

Rasmussen Reports’ daily Presidential Tracking Poll on Tuesday showed that Joe Biden’s approval rating is in a continual decline amid his debacle of a U.S. troop withdrawal that has now left at least 13 American citizens dead and 18 injured.

Since Monday, Biden has dropped two percentage points when it comes to those who approve of how he’s running the country. What was a 46 percent approval rating, has dropped to just 44 percent. This also means that his disapproval rating has grown from 53 to 55 percent.

Comparing this survey to research conducted in May, there is a drastic difference in how Americans viewed Joe Biden’s performance versus how they feel today.

The May poll showed that 29 percent of Americans strongly approved of Biden’s job performance, as opposed to only 33 percent of Americans who strongly disapproved – which is a gap of only 4 points. However, the most recent polling shows just 26 percent of Americans strongly approve of his performance, while a whopping 47 percent strongly disapprove.

That is a stunning gap of -21 points for Joe Biden.

Another poll published on Aug. 24 by USA Today also gave confirmation that Americans are losing faith in Biden’s ability to lead.

Until this week, when the U.S. hastily exited Afghanistan, Biden held onto an approval rating above 50 percent. However, according to the USA Today/Suffolk University poll, his approval rating plummeted to a mere 41 percent, leaving him with a 55 percent disapproval rating.

This recent polling shows that Biden does have the support of 87 percent of Democrats, but with independent voters, he isn’t finding nearly as much support. Only 32 percent of independents think he’s doing a good job as commander-in-chief.

The drop in Biden’s approval ratings are most likely caused by what most Americans view as a mishandling of the withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan.

According to David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk Political Research Center, Biden’s approval on immigration and the economy are upside down. He also stated that he believes Biden is only able to maintain his current approval ratings due to his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic which around 50 percent of Americans view in a positive manner.

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