POLL: Most Americans believe Afghanistan withdraw has gone “badly”

by Laura Ramirez

74 percent of Americans believe Biden’s horribly mishandled U.S. troop withdrawal plan from Afghanistan has gone “badly,” according to the a poll conducted by CBS News and YouGov earlier this week.

Although most Americans continue to support ending the United States’ 20-year military presence in Afghanistan, most survey respondents indicated Biden’s U.S. troop withdrawal has gone badly. 44 percent said it has gone “very bad, while 30 percent indicated it was only “somewhat bad.”

Since this poll was taken prior to the 13 U.S. soldier casualties resulting from the ISIS-K bombings, these numbers have likely plunged even further.

The research showed there is some bipartisan agreement regarding Biden’s botched withdrawal as the majority of Democrats (62%), Independents (76%), and Republicans (87%) believe the operation has gone “badly.”

According to the survey, Biden’s overall approval rating has plummeted to just 50 percent, an eight-point decrease since July, while his disapproval rating (50%) increased by eight points. While Biden’s approval rating slipped significantly among both Democrats and Republicans, it took the biggest hit with Independents.

The public’s fear of terrorism has dramatically increased as 60 percent of Americans believe terrorist threats to the United States will increase with Taliban control.

Futhermore, the same percentage of respondents said they believe Biden lacks a proper and clear plan for evacuating U.S civilians in Afghanistan, as the administration struggles to evacuate Americans and U.S. allies from the Taliban-controlled region.

2,142 U.S adult residents were interviewed for this survey which took place from August 18-20, 2021.

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