BIG: House Republicans poised to introduce nationwide election integrity bill

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Alamy

With the country facing a pivotal presidential election in a little over a year, House Republicans are reintroducing the American Confidence in Elections Act (ACE) in an effort to spread common sense election integrity legislation across the country.

According to The Hill, Republican lawmakers first proposed ACE last year in response to widespread worries about election integrity. The bill centered on the state’s ability to control elections.

The House Republicans announced the reinstatement of ACE on Monday in Georgia, according to the outlet.

The election integrity measure was announced on the eve of the All-Star Game in Atlanta to serve as a “reminder that two years ago, there were false attacks about Georgia’s voter integrity legislation,” House Administration Committee Chair Bryan Steil, R-Wis., said.

“We saw people push back with false narratives right here in the state of Georgia two years ago,” Steil added, recalling the state’s massive backlash for the 2021 voting law, which intended to improve security measures for mail-in ballots and drop boxes, NBC stated.

The retaliation from the  Election Integrity Act of 2021prompted the Major League Baseball All-Star Game to withdraw from the Peach State,

The ACE provisions maintain that “election materials that must be preserved for 22 months pursuant to HAVA include ballots, ballot images, and ballot envelopes of voted ballots, as well as any other records that would be useful in a post-election audit.”

Furthermore, the act requires the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration to send critical voter data to states in order for them to “remove non-citizens and dead voters from their voter rolls.”

According to the bill’s summary, ACE would also repeal the Washington, D.C. Local Resident Voting Rights Act, which allows non-citizens the ability to vote, banning non-citizens from participating in elections.

As Republicans prepare to adopt common-sense election integrity legislation, Democratic lawmakers are pushing back by proposing federal voting procedures, according to AP News.

“This legislation is the most substantive and conservative election integrity legislation that will come before the House in over a generation,” Steil said on ACE.

“It works to boost voters’ confidence and uphold the Constitution by ensuring states maintain primary control over elections, not the federal government,” he continued. “This is in stark contrast to House Democrats’ efforts in the last two congresses, which would have nationalized our election system and centralized it in Washington, D.C.”

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