BIG NEWS: Kari Lake’s lawsuit will move forward in court

2M523X1 Tucson, Arizona, USA. 2nd Oct, 2022. Republican candidate for Governor of Arizona Kari Lake campaigning at the Whiskey Roads country and western bar in Tucson. The Trump endorsed Lake is running as an America First candidate . The former newscaster is in a close race with Democrat Katie Hobbs who refuses to debate Lake. Lake is traveling throughout the state on a campaign swing she calls the Ask Me Anything tour. (Credit Image: © Christopher Brown/ZUMA Press Wire)

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Election integrity warrior Kari Lake scored a major win this week in her lawsuit against Maricopa County and former Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs. This week, Maricopa Superior Court Judge Peter A. Thompson has approved moving one of Lake’s counts forward in court, multiple sources have reported.

According to Newsweek, Judge Thompson greenlit moving Lake’s signature verification challenge forward. This is significant because it represents one of seven counts that were alleged in Lake’s original lawsuit. When the case initially ran through Maricopa County Superior Court, Judge Thompson rejected the case, prompting Lake to file an appeal.

Ultimately, the case landed in the lap of the Arizona State Supreme Court, which sent the signature verification claim back to the lower court, as reported by RSBN.

From Kari Lake’s Twitter account: “HUGE: Following Supreme Court Ruling, Maricopa County Judge grants @KariLake the opportunity to EXPOSE Election Fraud IN COURT!”

According to Newsweek, Lake’s case, which alleges that thousands of previously rejected ballots were accepted by Maricopa County with mismatched signatures, will now be able to argue her claims in the courtroom.

On Twitter, Lake slammed the failing state of the Union today, blaming it on corrupt election processes in the United States. She said, “I blame everybody out there who says, ‘Just ignore election fraud. Move on, you’re living in the past.’ We can’t move on & have a secure future for America, when we’re allowing elections to be run with corruption & fraud.”

Lake’s recent victory in court also follows a new filing she made in her case that alleges Maricopa County tested election tabulators three times before the November 2022 election, based on “extraordinary findings” pinpointed by Lake’s attorney, Kurt Olsen.

Per Newsweek, Lake’s case is currently scheduled to be heard in court on Wednesday, May 17 at 12 p.m. EDT.

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