‘BRAINWASHED’: New Trump ad hits back at leftist attempts to cover for Biden and attack MAGA supporters

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

A new ad from the Trump campaign painted a bleak picture of the effects of statist brainwashing, contrasting a black-and-white world of propaganda against the colorful truth of the 45th president’s historic nationwide support among American voters.

The video, which Trump himself titled “BRAINWASHED” on Truth Social, reiterates Hillary Clinton’s now-infamous statement made just a few weeks ago that Trump supporters should be subjected to “formal deprogramming.” She also accused MAGA voters of being in a “cult.”

“With Trump taking a commanding lead and Bidenenomics hurting American families, genius Hillary Clinton has come up with a way for Biden to win,” the ad narrator facetiously stated.

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The narration of the video is laid over a collage of Biden gaffes while Americans stand in line in a black-and-white world, listening to a man robotically declare into a loudspeaker, “This DID NOT happen.”

Hillary Clinton also states in the ad, “Joe Biden is doing an AMAZING job.”

Americans in line in the commercial are symbolically given blindfolds as they walk through what is likely supposed to be a “re-education camp.” One woman rushes to the front of the crowd, holding up a picture of Trump, who then declares to the American workers, “I HAVE YOUR BACK.”

The ad is a scathing rebuke of Clinton’s tone-deaf comments on CNN, where she also accused Trump supporters of “extremism” and being susceptible to “wagging the dog in the Republican Party,” suggesting that MAGA voters were easily manipulated by political hyperbole.

The newest ad from the Trump campaign is not the first time that they have swung back at Clinton’s comments. MAGA Inc. spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt flamed the former Secretary of State’s remarks, writing, “President Trump has said countless times that they are only coming after him, because he stands in their way from coming after you — and Hillary Clinton just confirmed that to be true. Tens of millions of Americans will reject the Democrat Party’s re-education camp agenda in November 2024 when we make Donald Trump the 47th President of the United States.”

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