Crossing the Rubicon: America’s justice system goes up in smoke as President Trump faces unprecedented legal persecution

by Summer Lane

Op-ed by Summer Lane | Photo: Alamy

On Monday, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis indicted President Donald J. Trump on 41 counts related to allegedly attempting to “overturn” the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia, marking the fourth time that the president has been indicted this year.

Each indictment has happened in uniform synchrony, staggered out throughout 2023 and aimed at dragging out multiple hearings and trial dates well into 2024, when the GOP presidential primary race will be in full swing.

Rather than spending the brunt of his energy campaigning and hosting rallies, President Trump will be forced to fight one legal battle after another, while his Republican and Democrat opponents will be free to travel across the U.S. and stump for their campaign for the 2024 White House.

Make no mistake, the radical left celebrates each time Trump steps into a courtroom, where his presence there is leeching valuable time away from the campaign trail, taking a toll on him and his team’s physical energy and draining an enormous amount of finances.

Ferocious targeting

According to Fox News, President Trump’s calendar of courtroom hearings and trial dates are quick-moving and neatly coordinated, beginning with his ordered surrender in Georgia for arraignment on August 25.

Just three days later, on August 28, the next hearing in the Jan. 6 case is scheduled to take place.

Never in America’s history has any former president and current presidential candidate been singled out with such ferocious intensity by federal and local authorities. It seems unfathomable that all of these indictments have come down during Trump’s reelection bid, and yet the hits keep coming.

President Trump, who is soaring in GOP political primary polling and general election polling, seems to be the number one political target of tyrannical Deep State power players.

Is it any wonder that Trump, who was the target of the now-debunked “Russia Hoax” and two failed impeachment shams, is now facing a whole new level of what he has labeled “election interference?”

The fall of free speech

The entire crux of the cases in Washington, D.C., (where he is facing four charges) and Georgia (where he is facing 41) are ultimately centered on the president simply questioning the security of the presidential election in 2020.

According to the Trump campaign, “They are taking away President Trump’s First Amendment right to free speech, and the right to challenge a rigged and stolen election that the Democrats do all the time. The ones who should be prosecuted are the ones who created the corruption.”

Shortly after the formal indictment came down, President Trump slammed the charges as a “Witch Hunt” and ripped DA Fani Willis for being “very corrupt.” A preceding statement from his campaign additionally laid out a long history about Willis, noting her conflicting record of alleged Democrat activism.

Per their campaign, Willis was allegedly previously disqualified from investigating an election witness due to her partisan political activity. The Trump camp has also strongly claimed that Willis strategically waited until the presidential election cycle to charge Trump.

Trump reiterated this sentiment on Truth Social, writing, “Why didn’t they Indict 2.5 years ago? Because they wanted to do it right in the middle of my political campaign. Witch Hunt!”

An assault on constitutional rights

Long term, the effects of a targeted justice system are catastrophic for Americans everywhere. The First Amendment, which has protected the right to free speech for over two centuries, appears to be dying before our eyes.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., a staunch Trump ally and America First congresswoman, explained on X, “All of these communist indictments are about silencing President Trump’s speech and ultimately YOUR free speech. The radical left has been trying to destroy free speech by telling you that you can’t say things like this: ‘The election was stolen.’ ‘Trump won…’”

This chilling warning should rouse the patriotic hearts of responsible American citizens across the nation. The persecution of President Donald Trump is the persecution of we the people. It is a coordinated takedown of Americans’ constitutional liberties that were enshrined by the Founding Fathers at the inception of this country.

President Trump previously said it best: “They’re not coming after me. They’re coming after you. I’m just standing in their way, and I always will stand in their way.”

Like it or not, the Rubicon has been crossed when it comes to elections and the selection of candidates in America. Daily Wire host Ben Shapiro astutely observed, “Whatever you think of the Trump indictments, one thing is for certain: the glass has now been broken over and over again. Political opponents can be targeted by legal enemies. Running for office now carries the legal risk of going to jail — on all sides.”

As the American justice system goes up in smoke, patriotic and freedom-loving U.S. citizens must cling to their faith, their families, and work diligently to be involved locally in the civic process ahead of 2024. President Trump’s upward trek against tyrannical forces is a battle against an encroaching police state, and it can only be won at the ballot box if the American people unilaterally coalesce behind him next November.

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