Defend Our Union holding summit ft. Mike Lindell, Dinesh D’Souza, and Catherine Engelbrecht

by Timothy Frudd

Photo: Alamy

Defend Our Union has announced a special virtual summit called “Defend Your Voice” that will take place on Saturday, June 4, at 6:00 p.m. ET.

The summit will train Americans on how to fight against censorship of conservative voices. According to the organization’s website, the event will feature MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, “2000 Mules” producer Dinesh D’Souza, and True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht.

Additionally, the event will feature conservative voices such as Clay Clark from the Re-Awaken America Tour, attorney Leigh Dundas, Christian actor and producer Kevin Sorbo, and other conservative voices.

Defend Our Union hopes to encourage Americans to “engage in the information war” and defend their voices by providing them with the knowledge needed to fight back against the Fake News Media, Big Tech, and liberal ideology in America.

The event preview states, “At this summit, you will understand how to fight the…coordinated media attack on traditional American values. How America’s adversaries construct messaging to manipulate and distract. What Disney, Karl Schwab, and Noah Yuval Harari have in common. Who is the most dangerous man at the World Economic Forum?”

According to the organizers of the event, those who attend the virtual event will “Learn how to: Speak with (1) your friends (2) your family (3) your fellow workers and be heard.”

Additionally, the event will discuss ways for Americans to take their concerns to the state legislatures, respond to proponents of Fake News, and defend against the censorship of social media and private communications. Finally, the event hopes to help Americans “move off Woke digital platforms and find America First platforms.”

The Defend Your Voice Virtual Summit appears prepared to address the issue of online hostility toward conservatives. As President Donald Trump has often pointed out, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are willing to silence anyone who disagrees with them.

Recently, he encouraged Americans to switch over to his free speech platform Truth Social, saying, “We have Truth on our side.”

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