Democrat efforts to defund the police boomerangs as black voters overwhelmingly support increased police budget

by Benjamin Horvath

The overwhelming majority of black voters support Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan’s effort to “refund the police,” according to a recent survey, indicating a growing disconnect between Democrat politicians and a crucial Democratic voting bloc.

Included in Hogan’s plan is a $150 million “re-funding” effort which will directly support law enforcement across the state and aims to prevent spiking crime rates, Breitbart reported.

“To reverse the tide of rising crime, we need to stop demonizing and sabotaging the dedicated men and women who risk their lives every singled day to keep the rest of us safe. Enough is enough. We cannot defund the police. We need to re-fund the police. Instead of less funding, we need more investment in public safety,” Hogan said.

Overall, 88 percent of likely black voters in Maryland support the initiative, including 64 percent who “strongly” support the state’s effort.

That number is roughly commensurate with the 89 percent of white voters who support the effort. This number is 15 percentage points higher than likely Hispanic voters who support the initiative.

Despite overwhelming popularity in a Democrat stronghold Joe Biden reportedly carried by 33 percentage points in 2020, Maryland Democrats were quick to denounce the governor’s efforts, including one Democrat state lawmaker who denounced Hogan’s “misguided rhetoric…. [which is] beneath him and the dignity of his office,” as originally reported by Maryland Matters.

Included in the governor’s $150 million refunding efforts is approximately $45 million increases to local police departments across the state, $50 million for police salary increases and hiring bonuses, and $24 million in “accountability resources fund.”

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