Democrats concede Florida to DeSantis: Party money pulled from 2022 governor’s race

by Gary Smith

The Democratic Governors Association (DGA), a lifeline of financial support for left-wing candidates in swing states, has decided to limit funding for Democrat Nikki Fried’s 2022 gubernatorial challenge against incumbent Ron DeSantis, because they no longer see the state as winnable. 

“DeSantis is looking strong politically and financially, and there are states like Massachusetts, Maryland, and Arizona where they see potential pickups on top of incumbent protection,” a Democrat consultant explained to Politico regarding the decision. “They might do some money, but they are not going the way they have been in the past. There are not going to be multi-million-dollar checks.”

Without money from the DGA, Democrat candidates running in the state will essentially be crippled from effectively reaching constituents and convincing them to vote blue.

In 2014, the DGA gave $7 million toward the close gubernatorial campaign of Democrat Charlie Crist, who ran and almost defeated now-Senator Rick Scott. And in 2018, DGA gave $7.6 million to Andrew Gillum’s failed bid for Governor, which resulted in a close, but clear, victory for Gov. DeSantis.

During the pandemic, and directly after, Florida Republicans exponentially expanded voter registration for the GOP in the state, eliminating the once 700,000 voter lead Democrats enjoyed over the past decade.

Now, with Democrat Party money fleeing the state, defeat seems almost inevitable for Democrat candidates, especially for anyone who seeks to dethrone one of the most popular governors in the country.

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