DeSantis calls out the left’s hypocrisy, says Covid-19 mandates have created a ‘two-tiered society’

by Timothy Frudd

Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a scathing rebuke of the left’s hypocrisy surrounding mask mandates in the United States on Tuesday. DeSantis has taken a dramatically different approach to mask mandates, giving him the opportunity to call out the hypocrisy of liberal elites and their mask mandates.

DeSantis stated, “I think it’s like a two-tiered society. They’re trying to have a servant class that has to always do all this, but yet the other class can lecture you about wearing masks, but then they don’t wear masks themselves. That’s wrong.”

In his speech, DeSantis commented on the hypocrisy of the events being held recently by liberal elites, saying, “You’ll see entertainment venues, hotels, they’ll be big events. You’ll have like a charity event and they’ll be 500 people, eating drinking, having a good time, which I support a hundred percent. No masks or anything, great. But they make the staff all wear masks.”

DeSantis also posed the question millions of Americans have asked themselves, “Is it really gonna make a difference to have 15 waiters wearing masks?”

The governor makes a great point about a serious problem caused by mask mandates. Not only do mask mandates go against an American citizen’s personal freedoms, but they also create two different classes in America. Mask mandates have shown that the liberal elite class of celebrities and Democrat leadership truly believe they are above everyone else, causing a “two-tiered society.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

DeSantis is not the first person to call out the hypocrisy of Democrats, who repeatedly are found in violation of their own mask mandates. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Governor Gavin Newsom, and San Francisco Mayor London Breed are just a few examples of top Democrats who have imposed mask mandates, while violating their own mask mandates.

In October, Joe Biden was caught without a mask at a Washington D.C. restaurant where masks were required. However, this was not the first time Biden was found violating a mask mandate. In fact, on his very first day in office, Biden was caught in violation of his own mask mandate that he signed just hours before making an appearance on federal property without a mask.

The hypocrisy of the liberal left has been evident for quite some time in America. However, in recent months, it has become even more apparent that Democrat lawmakers and the liberal elite believe in one set of rules for them and another set of rules for everyone else.

Perhaps the liberal elite in America would find it easier to take Gov. Ron DeSantis’ approach of allowing Americans to make their own decisions on masks. If they took this approach, they would not be found in violation of their own mandates and would not constantly display their hypocrisy.

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