Exclusive: Rep. Stefanik predicts New York voters will ‘deliver a Red Wave and FIRE Nancy Pelosi and fire Kathy Hochul’

by Josh Cohen

Photo: Alamy

With the 2022 midterms just peaking over the horizon, the Democrats are bravely and proudly missing the mark on what is important to voters and what will almost certainly bring about a cadre of Republican victories on both the state and local levels.

A number of polls have shown that the issues that live closest to the hearts of most Americans are inflation, jobs, and crime. It isn’t any wonder that a red wave seems so inevitable, given that these issues engulf the whole of the Republican agenda. True to form, Democrats are campaigning primarily on false or nebulous issues such as abortion and Jan. 6. These false issues are coated with rhetoric that suggests an end of democracy if the Democrats do not win. So, it’s false issues and frantic emotional blackmail that pervades the utterances of the Democrats.

This is being particularly noticed in the notoriously blue state of New York. Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York’s 21st District told RSBN on Friday in an exclusive interview, “Republicans, Independents, and a fair amount of Democrats are going to turn out and deliver a red wave and fire Nancy Pelosi and fire Kathy Hochul.”

The congresswoman added, “We’re seeing that across New York State, Lee Zeldin is building support across party lines, and it’s because we’ve had single-party Democrat rule. … Zeldin is our strongest candidate that we’ve had in a generation.”

Congresswoman Stefanik has also noticed that the Democrats are not running on any issues that greatly concern the typical voter, such as jobs or inflation. In the same interview, Stefanik asserted, “Democrats have no plan. House Republicans are running to support law enforcement to increase our financial support for law enforcement to secure the border.” 

The Democrats’ aforementioned lack of awareness or concern for the average American voter seems to be at play as well. Stefanik said, “That’s why you see [Democrats] talk about issues that are not important to voters. Because on every single issue important to voters, Democrats are losing by a wide margin, but I became conference chair, whereas my predecessor continued to focus on being a pawn on Pelosi’s sham committee, the January 6 witch hunt, I focused on the issues that matter: the inflation crisis, the crime crisis, or border crisis. And it turns out those are the issues that matter on Election Day and Republicans are going to win by double digits on all those issues.”

This was self-evident in a recent debate between Zeldin and current New York Gov. Kathy Hochul. Zeldin kept going after the governor, who achieved the office not by election, but by circumstances, on crime. Hochul had virtually no response for this important issue other than to wonder out loud why Zeldin finds the issue of crime so important. This example shows the disconnect between the issues Democrats emphasize and the issues important to voters.

Stefanik closed her interview with RSBN by affirming, “That’s why we win 20% of Democrats cycle after cycle in my district, and it’s why we’re going to win in traditionally blue states like New York” because they’ve witnessed failed Democrat policies firsthand.

Last Thursday, Stefanik spoke at a rally for Zeldin in a triumphant attempt to embolden voters and bolster support. The “Save Our State” rally was held in New York and, according to policy and communications consultant Garrett Ventry, drew in 3,000 people.

Elsewhere, we have seen a rise of Republican sentiment and sympathy seeping out of traditionally Democrat strongholds. RSBN recently reported that on Tuesday, Nevada would likely be one of several GOP gubernatorial pickups nationwide.

These developments have been more than a little encouraging for Republicans, Independents, and disillusioned Democrats who feel like political refugees. The party has become emboldened by the anticipation of the coming red wave and the culmination of this excitement so far comes from President Donald Trump. Just last Friday, Trump revealed at a rally in Iowa, “I will very, very, very probably do it again, OK? Very, very, very probably,”.

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