Georgia passes law banning Zuckerbucks from meddling in elections

by Summer Lane

The Georgia House of Representatives has passed a bill that outlaws Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg from interfering with state elections.

Tim Swain, a Republican candidate for Senate in South Carolina, called House Bill 1464 the “strongest election integrity bill in the nation,” in a statement on Twitter.

Georgia has begun to follow the lead of several other states hitting back at private entities who have dumped dark money into election processes. For example, the Virginia Assembly advanced legislation last week to ban private individuals from funding state and local elections. RSBN previously reported that Zuckerberg donated over $400 million to two organizations that funded local government election offices.

Additionally, a Wisconsin Senate investigation, spearheaded by former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, revealed a 136-page report detailing evidence of shocking voter fraud in the Badger State. Gableman also stated that the investigation showed evidence of voting irregularities in every Wisconsin city that received Zuckerberg donations.

“In the Zuckerberg 5 cities [Green Bay, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Madison, and Racine], in all of those counties, those nursing homes reported a voting rate of 100 percent, anywhere in between 95 percent and 100 percent,” he stated.

In light of staggering evidence of election fraud, more states are getting on board with banning private individuals like Mark Zuckerberg from influencing state elections.

Another example is in South Dakota, where Gov. Kristi Noem (R) signed a bill into law on Friday that prohibits the private funding of elections. Noem stated on Twitter, “In 2020, we saw Mark Zuckerberg pour ‘Zuck Bucks’ into local operations across the country. We are banning this in S.D. We take election integrity seriously. We already have some of the strongest election laws on the books, and this legislation makes them even stronger.”

For Georgia, HB 1464 will give the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) the ability to investigate election fraud without permission from the Secretary of State. According to the American Voters Alliance, it institutes stricter chain-of-custody procedures for mail-in ballots.

Protecting election integrity in the United States is one of the hottest legislative items in the country right now. Even President Donald Trump has pointed out that political leaders who take the issue seriously tend to be extremely popular with voters.

“Kari Lake, who is running for Governor [of Arizona],” said Trump in an official statement on Friday, “has made the Fraudulent 2020 Election a primary part of her campaign. She is leading by massive numbers over her weak RINO competitors. This is both the issue of the day and the Crime of the Century!”

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