Gableman urges Wisconsin to RECALL Biden’s ten electoral votes

by Summer Lane

Former Wisconsin state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman has called on lawmakers to consider decertifying the 2020 election results in the Badger State. Gableman is the Senate-appointed special counsel in the investigation into the widespread reports of presidential election fraud in Wisconsin.

According to a report from WPR, he also called on lawmakers to “eliminate and dismantle” the Wisconsin Elections Commission, which reportedly engaged in illegal activity surrounding the 2020 presidential election.

Last week, Gableman presented a 136-page report to the Wisconsin State Assembly detailing evidence of shocking voter fraud and irregularities that many proponents of election integrity have been fighting to expose.

For example, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s election-related efforts allegedly targeted Wisconsin nursing home residents. Amid reports that Zuckerberg reportedly funneled millions of dollars into several local elections in Wisconsin, Gableman has been investigating those funds’ effect concerning the 2020 presidential election outcome.

Gableman stated during the hearing that the Wisconsin Election Commission and Zuckerberg’s money influenced the election. “In the Zuckerberg 5 cities [Green Bay, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Madison, and Racine], in all of those counties, those nursing homes reported a voting rate of 100 percent, anywhere in between 95 percent and 100 percent,” he said.

For reference, a 100 percent voter turnout in any election is unheard of, and President Trump himself pointed out in a statement that it is, in fact, “an impossibility.” However, this voter turnout rate occurred in at least 91 nursing homes in Wisconsin, according to President Trump and Gableman’s report.

Even more disturbingly, Center Square reported that, according to Gableman’s report, Green Bay voting machines were connected to the internet during the 2020 presidential election. Gableman also stated that he made this chilling discovery: “The [Office of the Special Counsel] discovered the WiFi, machines, and ballots were controlled by a single individual who was not a government employee but an agent of a special interest group operating in Wisconsin.”

While Gableman has cited the staggering evidence of fraud and irregularities as grounds for recalling the state’s ten electoral votes, Wisconsin lawmakers seem hesitant to take action. Despite shockingly disturbing reports of nursing home fraud, dark corporate money funneling into Wisconsin cities, and voting machines hooked up to the internet – politicians seem hellbent on refusing even to consider decertifying the presidential election results.

If the election result in Wisconsin was indeed fraudulent, and the evidence that is continually stacking up can prove it, will lawmakers allow a fraudulent election to stand? Will justice be served in Wisconsin? At this point, it’s impossible to say. Still, Justice Gableman’s long-awaited election investigation report validated the suspicions of many Americans who support election integrity: Wisconsin’s election was anything but safe and secure.

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