Glenn Youngkin sees MASSIVE rally turnout on election eve

by Gary Smith

Thousands gathered at a rally in the city of Leesberg in Loudoun County, Va. on the night before Election Day as exit polls from early voting lean toward Clinton-ally Democrat Terry McAuliffe losing the race for governor.

Bundled in winter coats, thick jeans, and baseball caps, thousands of patriots and parents joined approximately 15,000 online viewers watching the “Parents Matter Rally” live across all RSBN’s platforms.

Being among the first major state elections since 2020, this race can be seen as a referendum on Joe Biden whose failures are causing notable collateral damage for the Democratic candidate as Youngkin rises in the exit polls. In one survey, he beats McAuliffe by eight points in a Fox News poll released over the weekend.

President Trump endorsed Youngkin in the race, and held an election eve tele-rally for the candidate, but chose not to come to the state in person.

President Trump lost the recently blue state in both 2016 and 2020. Notably, not all Youngkin supporters who turned out on the brisk evening were swayed simply by the 45th president’s backing.

“I wasn’t really a Trump guy, I’m a Youngkin guy,” one parent told RSBN correspondent Brian Glenn at the rally, explaining that the assault on kids through mindless Covid mandates were what convinced him and his wife to support the Republican ticket in the race.

The fact that Democrats have sent every all-star they have, from Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton, to campaign in the state for McAuliffe, shows both how vulnerable the party is following the debacle in Afghanistan, and how ineffectual the leaders of the past decade are to fire up the electorate, evident by the flat polling.

If Youngkin wins, he will become the 28th Republican governor currently holding office. He will surely be a strong ally against federal overreach, especially in regard to backpedaling Covid restrictions and Critical Race Theory (CRT) propaganda in schools.

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