Global pushback on vaccine passports continues in Italy

The people of Milan are pushing back against tyrannical coronavirus-related policies being implemented by the Italian government which requires citizens to comply with showing proof of vaccination to enter restaurants or indoor areas.

Last weekend, freedom-loving Italians gathered in the streets of Milan by the hundreds to dine together outdoors, bringing their own food and drinks. This act of defiance against restrictive Covid regulations has been brewing for a long time, even as Italy is slated to release a timetable on rolling back regulations this week.

According to a report from Reuters, while access to public transportation, bars, and restaurants has been eased for Italians who are vaccinated against Covid, unvaccinated Italians have been punished for their refusal to comply with the medical edict.

Worldwide anti-mandate protests that have been sweeping the globe since 2021 have resulted in many world leaders peeling back their overreaching government regulations.

For example, Denmark and Sweden recently announced that they will be removing all Covid-related restrictions, while Norway and Finland plan to roll back regulations in the coming weeks. Additionally, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced in January that vaccine passports, mask mandates, and compulsory self-isolation would be scrapped.

Further, Australia, which is one of the most restrictive places on the planet in terms of coronavirus-related regulations, announced Monday that it will be reopening its borders to vaccinated travelers. Although they are still barring the unvaccinated from entering the country, this could be seen as one step closer to rolling back Covid regulations entirely after months of Australian citizens pushing back against the government-sponsored tyranny.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated that, “If you’re double-vaccinated, we look forward to welcoming you back to Australia.”

Australia still has a long way to go on the road to recapturing individual liberty, but reopening its borders seems to be a step in the right direction.

As the people of Milan dine in the streets to peacefully demonstrate against government tyranny, Australians are still protesting the unjust treatment of unvaccinated individuals. The citizens of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland are also pushing back against their respective government regimes, and they are seeing results as Covid restrictions begin to ease.

As the global rebellion against medical fascism continues, leaders around the world are feeling the heat and slowly but surely bending the knee to the winds of freedom.

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