Gov. DeSantis meets with In-N-Out CEO: Will the franchise move to Florida?

by Meredith Minto

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis met with In-N-Out CEO Lynsi Snyder-Ellington on Monday after the franchise was forced by the state of California to shut down some locations in the Bay Area that would not ask customers for proof of vaccination.

The governor’s press team revealed he had a call with the company’s CEO, however details of that call were not made available.

DeSantis’ meeting with Snyder-Ellingson came after the governor publicly said Florida would welcome In-N-Out with open arms and would not require them to check for vaccine passports. This offer was a stark contrast from San Francisco’s vaccine passport requirements which In-N-Out refused compliance with and was shut down by the city as a result.

Jimmy Patronis, Florida’s chief financial officer, said in a public comment to In-N-Out, “I’m writing you today not only as Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, but as a small business owner who grew up in a family-owned restaurant and worked there for more than 30 years.”

“I know how hard it is to turn a profit and make payroll on a good day, let alone when your own government is working to crush your business with absurd mandates,” he continued. “Once I heard the news of your shutdown for refusing to act as ‘vaccine police,’ I knew I had to reach out immediately,” Patronis wrote, according to Click Orlando.

The state’s chief financial officer reportedly said, “With no personal income tax, low corporate taxes, an educated workforce and a fantastic quality of life. We won’t chase you out of the state like California State Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez did to Elon Musk when she launched vulgarities at him on Twitter.”

Gov. DeSantis has banned Covid-19 vaccine passports in the state of Florida.

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