Happy Birthday to Two American Patriots: President Donald J. Trump and Sheriff Joe Arpaio

by David Crum

Photo: Alamy

Flag Day, celebrated on June 14 every year, is a national holiday that also happens to be the birthdate of two American patriots: President Donald J. Trump and former Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Trump, who will be 78, and Arpaio, who is turning 92, share a close relationship and have many similarities.

In a day where crime continues to spiral out of control, plaguing the entire nation, Trump’s “Law and order” motto correlates to the former sheriff’s slogan of “Crime never pays.”

They both support the military and law enforcement and strongly criticize the ongoing open-border policies.

What’s even more revealing is that both leaders have frequently been targeted by the liberal media with vicious attacks.

Arpaio, a candidate for mayor in Fountain Hills, Arizona, is nearing the end of his political journey yet remains one of the most renowned American sheriffs, comparable to Wyatt Earp. Forever criticized by his liberal rivals, Arpaio implemented strong policies while serving as Maricopa County, Arizona’s top law enforcement officer.

Arpaio ensured that committing crimes in Maricopa County would not lead to a pleasant stay in the county jail through measures like Tent City Jail and the use of chain gangs. He consistently argued that if U.S. troops endured desert conditions in Afghanistan and Iraq, then criminals should, too.

Arpaio, who proudly served in the U.S. Army and dedicated decades of his life to the DEA, became a well-known figure by going after “deadbeat dads” who refused to support their children through court-ordered child support rulings.   

Trump, who has a reputation as a strong leader, likewise is tough on crime and has consistently noted most prominent cities in America have been ignored by liberal mayors, leading to a severe crime epidemic.

In 2024, Trump’s campaign revolves around border security, tackling crime, and his unequivocal support for the military and law enforcement community.

Trump and Arpaio, both unwavering conservatives, are vulnerable to criticism from far-left liberals who oppose their pro-American stance and commitment to traditional values.

Arpaio’s loss in the 2016 election wasn’t unexpected due to heavy financial support from out-of-state liberal donors and relentless attacks from all sides. Similar to the constant attacks on Trump, conservatives must defend traditional conservativism to ensure its survival.

Liberals oppose both men because they are leaders who embrace an America-first mindset. The very essence of placing America, along with its founding principles, at the center of a campaign threatens the far-left, which has openly embraced a socialistic mentality, seeking to eliminate the traditional tenets of the nation.

Even though Sheriff Joe Arpaio can’t be replaced, patriotism can still prosper in the country, and electing Donald J. Trump as president is the crucial first move toward its survival.  

Will conservatism survive? Is patriotism dying? Will the U.S. ever model its old Christian ways?

These questions are central to the 2024 election. Today’s Democratic Party is no longer just a liberal opponent; it’s a group of liberal socialists actively working to eradicate America’s founding principles.

The writing on the wall is clear: this election is of the utmost importance, not just for conservatism but also for our cherished values of freedom and patriotism.

On June 14, Flag Day is more than just a day —it’s a reminder to uphold patriotism and oppose the radical left agenda.

Happy Birthday to President Donald J. Trump and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, two great American patriots. Remember that millions of patriots honor, support, and stand by you.

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