HUGE crowds coalesce in D.C. to show support for Israel

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

On Tuesday morning, huge crowds of people showed up in Washington, D.C., to show support at the nation’s capital for Israel amid their ongoing war with Hamas and increasing incidents of anti-Semitism within the United States.

The “March for Israel” event featured music and speakers. RSBN’s Brian Glenn spoke with some of the individuals attending the event, including members of the Jewish War Veterans of America.

One member of the group condemned Hamas for using hospitals and schools to hide out and slammed them for killing civilians. “…Most people don’t shoot a civilian,” he explained.

A Jewish woman told RSBN that she had lost cousins in Israel on the first day of the Hamas attack, calling the invaders “savages” and visibly becoming emotional when thinking about her family members that had been lost.

Videos on social media showed the massive crowds gathered in front of the Capitol Building. People held signs in support of Israel and carried the Israeli flag.

Since the October invasion of Israel by Hamas insurgents, a mixture of pro-Palestinian and, sometimes, pro-Hamas protests have arisen across the United States. Tuesday’s March for Israel in D.C. starkly contrasted what many people have been watching unfold on college campuses and blue-led cities.

Israel’s current conflict has ignited a firestorm of contention in politics, with far-left Democrats often veering away from supporting Israel while conservatives tend to side with the Holy Land.

President Donald Trump pointedly condemned the actions of Hamas during remarks delivered before the Republican Jewish Coalition last month, stating, “Let there be no doubt: the killers responsible for this massacre will burn forever in the eternal pit of hell – they’re going to burn forever. A long time.”

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