Trump explains why Latino voters have warmed up to him

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

During an exclusive interview on Univision, President Donald Trump discussed the historic support for his reelection campaign among Latino voters in America.

The president called the Latino vote “incredible” and noted that Latino voters were skilled workers with “incredible energy. They’re very entrepreneurial.” He added, “They like me – there’s never been anything like it in the Republican Party.”

Univision journalist Enrique Acevedo hosted the discussion with Trump, asking him to hone in on the high levels of support among Latino voters for southern border security.

The president explained, “They want security, they want to have a border. We have tremendous numbers of people, as an example, they live here, whether it’s permanently or part-time – they [Latino voters] don’t want to have people coming in and raiding their house, or doing bad things. They want to see security!”

President Trump also described his good relationship with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, remarking that “we just got along” and that he had “done a fantastic job for Mexico.”

Since Joe Biden took office in 2021, he has actively worked to eliminate many of the Trump-era border policies, including Title 42, which enabled border authorities to deny asylum to illegal migrants attempting to cross into the United States.

A 2022 poll from Axios-Ipsos illustrated overwhelming support among the Latino community in America for maintaining Title 42, with 51 percent of surveyed Latino adults indicating that they preferred the policy stay in place. Specifically, that poll also found that 52 percent of Mexican Americans supported maintaining Title 42.

Last year, President Trump highlighted the nationwide support he continued to earn from Hispanic voters, stating, “Our support for strong border security is one of the major reasons why Hispanic Americans are joining our movement by the millions and millions and millions.”

Via Axios, Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar (Texas) told the outlet that with Democrats’ refusal to deal with border security, Hispanic voters may “vote for a Republican” and that Democrats could “lose Hispanic voters.”

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