In preview of ‘Our Journey Together,’ Trump praises First Lady Melania

by Summer Lane

President Trump recently gave Americans a sneak peek of his new book, “Our Journey Together,” a coffee table collection of over 300 official White House photos reflecting on Trump’s time in the Oval Office, during a new interview with Mark Levin, host of “Life, Liberty, and Levin” on Fox News.

In November, Trump announced that he would be publishing his very first post-White House book, much to the delight of eager Trump supporters and MAGA voters.

Previously, the 45th president shared his excitement about the publication in a statement shared with the Washington Examiner, “Today I am thrilled to announce I will be publishing a wonderful book in time for Christmas! ‘Our Journey Together’ is a collection of beautiful photos captured during our successful time in the White House. From center stage to behind-the-scenes — this is a must-have for all Patriots.”

This weekend, President Trump gave insight into the book in his interview with Mark Levin. Levin addressed Trump’s relationship with his family as well as his relationship specifically with the First Lady, Melania. “She’s a beautiful person inside and out,” President Trump shared. “…she comes from a very good background.” He continued, “That background made her like this country – love this country…she was very honored to be First Lady.”

Trump also praised the First Lady’s “good heart,” as well as her generosity in how she “helped a lot of people” while she was in the White House.

Mrs. Trump famously chose to kick start the “Be Best” initiative while she was First Lady, which championed programs around the country that encouraged children to “be best” in their “individual paths, while also teaching them the importance of social, emotional, and physical health,” as stated by the official “Be Best” White House archives.

Reflecting on his initial bid to campaign for president and the toll that it took emotionally and financially on his family due to the barrage of attacks from the main stream media, Trump said, “It was so sick….we knew that it [running for president] would cost us…I knew that I would substantially hurt my wealth.” In fact, President Trump even donated his salary while in office, impressively working for “free” for the American people.

President Trump’s book, “Our Journey Together,” is being published by Winning Team Publishing, headed up by Donald Trump Jr. and Sergio Gor. The book releases Tuesday, Dec. 7, and has already sold more than 100,000 copies.

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