Judge overseeing Wisconsin election probe accuses mayors of covering up evidence of fraud

by Summer Lane

Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman believes that there is a serious cover-up of election fraud going on in the state of Wisconsin, and he intends to get to the bottom of it.

On Wednesday, the former state Justice, who has been tasked to lead the 2020 election fraud in Wisconsin, reported to the Assembly’s Committee on Elections that his investigation has been stonewalled by the mayors of Madison and Green Bay, who are not cooperating with subpoenas that have been issued in the investigation, according to Just the News.

Wisconsin has been plagued with rampant reports of fraud and irregularities surrounding the 2020 presidential election, and in September, Justice Gableman was appointed as Special Counsel in the 2020 election investigation. He previously addressed his position in a video, stating that “The rich and the powerful have all the representation they need. I’m here to make sure the same is true for everyone.”

Gableman issued subpoenas for the administrator of the Wisconsin Election Commission and the Executive Director of the Milwaukee Election Commission, along with several county clerks. Much of the investigation surrounds the involvement of records of grants related to the Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL), which is funded by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of social media giant Facebook, Gateway Pundit reported.

The CTCL, with Zuckerberg at the helm, have come under fire for reportedly gaining access to election operations in several Wisconsin cities, including Madison and Green Bay. Gableman told the committee on Wednesday that “It’s very clear to me that Mark Zuckerberg’s goal was to defeat Donald Trump and elect Joe Biden.”

Additionally, Gableman stated to the committee that he believes that the mayors are covering up their involvement with the election fraud. He said, “Reasonable minds might wonder whether the millions of dollars each of these mayors received from the Zuckerberg may have induced them to do something other than treat all candidates fairly and impartially. And whether those mayors used the Zuckerberg money to get out the vote for Joe Biden.”

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul has brought a lawsuit against Justice Gableman in an attempt to stop the election investigation, and the case is expected to be heard in court on Dec. 23. However, Justice Gableman appears to be extremely committed to uncovering the truth surrounding the reports of fraud during the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin, and proponents of election integrity are likely hoping that Kaul’s lawsuit will be little more than a bump in the road of the ongoing election investigation.

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