Trump says ‘we had the best border’ and now it’s the ‘worst’ it’s ever been

by Timothy Frudd

President Donald Trump blasted the Biden administration’s handling of the southern border in an interview with Nigel Farage on Wednesday. “It’s worse than it ever was in the history of our country,” the 45th president said describing the border situation.

Trump told Farage, the border crisis is “the biggest issue again,” referring to this year’s unprecedented increase in illegal immigrants crossing the southern border illegally, massive amounts of drugs and criminals entering the United States, and entire communities disrupted by the chaos of the border situation between the United States and Mexico.

Trump commented on the major problem at the southern border, stating, “We never had a problem like we have now with the border.” The issue of the border is very important to the 45th president, who is understandably frustrated with the way the current administration has handled the border. Contrasting the Biden’s failed border policies with his own administration’s policies, he said, “We had the best border situation in the history of our country,” and now, we “have the worst border.”

Farage related to Trump’s comments about the United States’ border crisis by comparing it with the border crisis in Europe. The United States is currently experiencing the same problem European nations are experiencing with their borders. However, the border situation in the United States is different because the border was very secure while Trump was in office, leaving millions of Americans frustrated with how the current administration has reversed America’s strong border policies.

During his administration, President Trump turned the border crisis around by building a large portion of barriers and a border wall between the United States and Mexico. Trump’s polices fulfilled one of his most popular campaign slogan’s during the 2016 election, “Build the wall.”

During his 2016 campaign, Trump repeatedly promised American citizens that he would handle the border crisis by building a wall. This campaign promise proved to motivate his voter base and energized his MAGA movement. During his interview with Farage, Trump claimed the issue of the border was one of multiple reasons he won the 2016 election.

Trump revealed in the interview with Farage that he didn’t talk about the border during his 2020 campaign, because he, “did such a good job it was no longer an issue.” Despite opposition from the liberal media and Democrat lawmakers, Trump was able to secure funds for the border wall and begin construction of barriers that significantly reduced illegal border crossings.

Unfortunately, this is no longer the case under the Biden administration. Trump pointed out, “Millions of people are coming in unvetted, unchecked.” This has caused significant concern for Americans, especially with Covid-19 spreading as a result of unvetted immigrants pouring across the border.

Trump summed up how the Biden administration has failed Americans on the border crisis, stating, “It’s a disgrace what’s happened. It’s a very big issue.” The 45th president helped solve the border crisis during his four years in office. While the Biden administration continues its failed border policies, millions of Americans are left hoping that Trump will run for President in 2024 and will once again solve the border crisis.

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