Kari Lake promises she’s ‘not afraid of the Globalists’

by Timothy Frudd

Photo: Alamy

Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake challenged the “Fake News” and “Globalists” Monday night as she shared her commitment to defending America’s future.

Appearing on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show, Lake explained, “I had somebody reach out to me the other day and say, ‘Kari, you are fearless, you’re not afraid of anything.’ I stopped them and I said, ‘Actually, I have great fear.” Lake continued, “I’m not afraid of the Fake News, I’m not afraid of the Globalists, I’m not afraid of anything that I’m facing on the campaign trail. I’m not afraid of the cartels.”

She explained, “What I am scared to death of is what happens if we don’t step in right at this moment and do something.” Lake added, “I’m afraid of the world that our children will live in.'”

Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial nominee has shown fierce loyalty to her future constituents and demonstrated that she is willing to answer the tough questions with complete transparency through the recent launch of her “Ask Me Anything” tour.

Lake said people like her, who stand in opposition to the globalists’ vision, are the ones facing backlash from the media. “The people who are truly understanding what is happening in this country, which is we are losing this county, are the ones who are being attacked,” she said.

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