Kari Lake punches back, forms powerful legal team: ‘My resolve to fight for YOU is higher than ever’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Arizona GOP gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake is punching back after a suspicious and malfunctioning election week in the Grand Canyon State, informing Americans that she is “still in the fight.”

In a video posted to social media, Lake reached out to her countless supporters and broke her silence on the dubious election processes in Arizona:

“Hey Arizona, Kari Lake here. I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that I am still in this fight with you. For two years, I’ve been sounding the alarm about our broken election system here in Arizona, and this past week has confirmed everything I’ve been saying.”

On Monday, the media projected that Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs had allegedly “won” the gubernatorial race in the wake of a slate of voting problems and ballot issues. Hobbs, notably, oversaw her own election, despite the ethical questions surrounding such a decision.

“When we called for Katie Hobbs to recuse herself over a year ago, they ridiculed us,” Lake explained. “It turns out, we were right. The fox was guarding the hen house, and because of that, voters have been disenfranchised. When we raised concerns and I filed a lawsuit months ago to get rid of the electronic voting machines – they said we were crazy. Well, it turns out we were right.”

Maricopa County, Arizona, was plagued with major issues from Election Day and onward, as an estimated 20 to 30 percent of voting machines glitched or failed on Tuesday, per RSBN.

Even worse, Maricopa County Chairman Bill Gates, along with Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, had previously formed a PAC dedicated to fighting against MAGA candidates in Arizona – candidates like Kari Lake.

“Shouldn’t Election Officials be impartial?” Lake remarked on Twitter on Monday.

Unfortunately, the problems in Arizona didn’t stop with just Maricopa County, according to Lake. She revealed that “on Election Day, nearly HALF of all polling locations had problems with tabulating machines and printers.” Lake pointed out that malfunctioning voting machines “force voters to wait in line for hours to exercise their sacred right to vote.”

“Our election officials failed us miserably,” Lake continued. “What happened to Arizona voters on Election Day is unforgivable. Tens of thousands of Maricopa County voters were disenfranchised.”

Lake assured supporters that she had assembled a legal team comprised of the “best and brightest,” and that “we are exploring every avenue to correct the many wrongs that have been done this past week. My resolve to fight for you is higher than ever.”

She concluded with an inspiring statement, “I can promise you one thing: this fight to save our Republic has just begun. I love you, Arizona, and I love you, America.”  

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