Kari Lake: ‘We demand common sense not communism’ in Arizona

by Summer Lane

Republican and Trump-endorsed candidate for Arizona Governor, Kari Lake, fearlessly pledged to protect the liberty of Arizonans if she is elected governor in the upcoming gubernatorial election at Saturday’s Save America Rally in Florence, Ariz.

“We demand common sense, not communism!” she declared to an eager crowd.

Kari Lake, who has rocketed to the top of the poll ahead of the Arizona gubernatorial primary, also asked for audience members to do two very important things for her as she attempts to win the office of the governorship on behalf of the people of Arizona.

“Mark your calendar for the primary election, August 2nd – I need your vote,” she said. She also asked for people to visit her website, KariLake.com, and make a donation to support her campaign.

She told the crowd, “I’m up against a behemoth. I’m up against the uni-party and swamp donors…They don’t want me in office. They want to pick who the governor is.” She also added, “We have a grassroots movement,” which she attributed to President Trump’s glowing 2021 endorsement.

Kari Lake also ripped the dubious 2020 presidential election, highlighting the rampant reports of election fraud and irregularities across the country.

“The election was rotten to the core,” she told the rally-goers. “We all know it. The media knows it. And the left knows it. And they’re trying to make us just accept it.”

She added, “You don’t steal our vote. When I am governor, we will drag that [election fraud] into the sunlight and we will close every loophole.”

For the people of Arizona – and the country – Kari Lake’s promise to clean up the state elections and protect Arizonan’s rights is music to the ears of conservative voters and Trump supporters. Kari Lake is a fighter, and she’s not backing down. If conservatives get out and vote in record numbers in August’s primary election, Kari Lake is likely on track to seize the Republican nomination for governor in Arizona.

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