Kellyanne Conway expects a woman to be on the 2024 Republican ticket

by Meredith Minto

Kellyanne Conway made a prediction regarding the 2024 GOP ticket during an episode of Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn’s show “Unmuted” which highlights women in government.

Conway, former Trump adviser and press secretary, predicted that the GOP will place a woman on the 2024 presidential ticket to signify how women can lead the country better than Kamala Harris.

“These are very serious times, and these are very weighty issues facing our nation,” Conway said. The podcast also delved into high inflation and Joe Biden’s low approval ratings.

In the segment, Kellyanne Conway brought up Kamala Harris’ stunningly low 28 percent approval rating and said that it is all the more reason for the GOP to choose a woman to succeed her.

“I think if President Trump runs again in 2024 or whoever the Republican nominee is, it’s either going to be a woman if he decides not to run, or he’ll seriously consider selecting a woman as his running mate,” Conway surmised. “And not just a woman for woman’s sake because he’s never done that. A woman because he recognizes that we’re one-half of the country, more than one-half of the country, and more than one-half of the electorate, and we have to restore faith that women leaders in government can get the job done.”

Blackburn continued to press on Kamala Harris’ claims about her low ratings caused by racism and sexism still affecting the country. Conway rebutted this argument by saying, “When I hear her blame sexism and racism, I have a very easy response,” Conway said. “It’s called eyesight and hearing — not sexism and racism. People are hearing her, and they are watching what she is doing and, more importantly, what she is not doing.”

The Republican Tennessee senator asked Conway what her solutions for the administration would be when it comes to this.

“I believe the Biden administration and Democrats do not have a messaging problem,” Conway remarked. “I believe they have a fact problem. Their position on the issues is way out of touch and out of sync and out of step with what Americans are telling pollsters — Right, Left, and center, including in these media-sponsored polls — that they are expecting more from their government.”

Conway said American voters are “getting hit by the Biden economy, the Biden-Harris inflationary numbers.”

“You’re getting hit every time you go to the grocery store, every time you are at the gas pump, every time you try to pay a bill, every time you see what is leftover in your paycheck,” Conway continued. “So everywhere you turn, the economic indicators are very clear that this is literally a country that’s not working. It’s not working enough, and it’s not working well enough.”

The former advisor to President Trump is set to release her memoir “Here’s The Deal” on May 24.

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