Elise Stefanik raised a massive $10 million in 2021

by Timothy Frudd

House Republican Conference Chairwoman and New York Representative Elise Stefanik raised $10 million in 2021, giving her a major boost ahead of the critical 2022 midterms.

Republican candidates have recently been reporting record fundraising numbers across the nation, as the Republican Party seeks to take back both the House and the Senate. Elise Stefanik is the latest in a long line of Republican candidates to share her campaign’s financial success as the midterms approach.

This week, Republican candidate Herschel Walker also announced that his campaign raised nearly $10 million dollars during the last five months of 2021. With Republican candidates raising unprecedented financial support, the Republican Party’s goal of retaking the House and the Senate appears to be within reach.

With this major boost in her campaign, Stefanik has boldly called out the fear of House Democrats as they continue to announce retirement rather than lose in the midterm elections.

“As the historic 2022 Red Wave builds and more Democrats run for the hills, I will continue to support strong, American First candidates as we work to Fire Nancy Pelosi once and for all and SAVE AMERICA!” Stefanik said in a statement to Fox News.

Stefanik stated in a tweet on Thursday, “I’m excited to announce that #TeamElise raised over $10 MILLION in 2021!” She explained, “This includes a record $5 million+ in Q4- the largest quarterly fundraising haul for any North Country congressional candidate!”

Stefanik also gave credit to her supporters, saying, “Thank you to the hundreds of thousands of grassroots donors who helped #TeamElise raise RECORD numbers to close out 2021 strong.” She added, “Families in #NY21 and across the country are FIRED UP for the growing #REDTSUNAMI on the horizon.”

Stefanik has worked closely with President Donald Trump to raise financial support for Republican candidates in an effort to retake the House and the Senate. Earlier this month, she joined the 45th president at Mar-a-Lago to fundraise for GOP candidates running for election. Together, they raised an impressive $3.2 million in one fundraising event.

The congresswoman concluded her tweet with a message that is sure to resonate with millions of Americans, “We are going to #FIREPelosi and SAVE AMERICA!” The 2022 midterms will reveal just how strong the “red tsunami” is and could provide a major referendum on the Biden administration.

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