‘LIVE FREE OR DIE’: Trump embraces New Hampshire, leads polls ahead of Tuesday primary

2CE4GRK August 28, 2020, Pro Star Aviation, Londonderry, New Hampshire USA: President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at Pro Star Aviation in Londonderry, N.H. Credit: Keiko Hiromi/AFLO/Alamy Live News

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President Donald Trump has been working hard in the Granite State ahead of Tuesday’s primary election, gaining steam with state voters and edging out former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley by sizable margins.

During remarks made over the weekend at a campaign event in New Hampshire, the president urged state primary voters to embrace their heritage.

He declared, “…You inherit the legacy of red-blooded New Hampshire patriots who lived by the very simple but immortal motto: ‘Live free or die!’”

He continued, “We stand on the shoulders of American heroes who crossed the oceans, settled the continent, tamed the wilderness, laid down the railroads, raised up those great skyscrapers, [and] won two world wars…”

On Sunday, the president also dug into powerful remarks in Rochester, where he strongly hammered home his belief that the American people were done with embracing establishment politicians and “weak” candidates who salivated for foreign, endless wars.

He said, “We’re NEVER going back…these are misguided people…we’re never going back to the days of globalist RINOs…”

Trump also hammered Haley as a “globalist” over the weekend, making an America First case for his Agenda47 policy platform. “If you want a losing candidate who puts America LAST, vote for Nikki Haley,” he commented.

In New Hampshire, President Donald Trump is strongly leading Nikki Haley in the state’s primary election polls, holding a 19-point lead in the latest USA Today/Suffolk poll.

However, it is unclear how Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s recent exit from the GOP primary race has affected the New Hampshire polls.

It is likely that many former DeSantis voters will put their support behind Trump, especially since the governor issued an endorsement of the 45th president upon announcing the suspension of his campaign on Sunday.

Gov. DeSantis stated that while he had some disagreements with the president on several issues, he recognized that “Trump is superior to the current incumbent Joe Biden.”

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