Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn explains the left’s strategy of ‘narrative’ assassination against Trump

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Ret. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn explained on a Wednesday episode of “The Mel K Show” that the Deep State’s attacks on President Trump were based on a strategy that was meant to “narrative assassinate” the 45th president of the United States.

Gen. Flynn’s comments came just one day after President Trump was arraigned on 37 counts related to allegedly “mishandling” supposedly classified documents that the FBI seized from the president’s home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

He explained, “I’ve seen it happen in Central and South America in my military days where the opposition candidate would get shot, right? Or would [be] stabbed in the heart… What they’re doing to Donald Trump is they are trying to assassinate Donald Trump by narrative, okay? By narrative.”

Trump’s arraignment in Miami this week is the second time he’s been arraigned this year. The first time was at the behest of a Manhattan grand jury that voted to indict him over 34 counts of allegedly “falsifying” business records.

Thousands of supporters showed up to back President Trump on Tuesday

Most conservatives have taken issue with the ceaseless investigations and charges against President Trump, who has argued that he is an “INNOCENT MAN,” when Joe Biden and his alleged crimes have incurred no consequences whatsoever.

It is worth noting that President Donald Trump is also the top political opponent Joe Biden is facing in 2024.

“There’s too much in the world of digital forensics and cameras and everything that we know,” Lt. Gen. Flynn continued, explaining why Trump’s political enemies hadn’t resorted to “physical” assassination.

“So, what they do then, is narrative assassinate,” he emphasized. “And you’re looking at a person [Trump] that has been, through narrative, assassinated.”

Flynn added that he had spoken with Trump on the phone and was about to speak with him again, emphasizing the president’s fighting spirit. “I just know he’s not about to give up,” he said.

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