MTG calls for ‘Biden Crime Family’ to ‘face justice for their crimes’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., has made a stirring cry for justice on the heels of a scorching IRS whistleblower hearing in Washington D.C. this week that laid bare evidence and allegations of dirty business dealings related to the Biden family.

“The Biden Crime Family needs to face Justice for their crimes!” she wrote on Twitter.

Yesterday, the House Oversight Committee heard the testimony of IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler. As previously reported by RSBN, Ziegler testified that the Biden family received millions of dollars from foreign countries like China and Ukraine.

Greene explained, “Yesterday, I showed evidence of real crimes that the DOJ won’t even prosecute. Our government has been weaponized to protect Joe Biden and his family while going after his political opposition.”

Rep. Greene caused quite a stir on Capitol Hill on Wednesday when she pulled out visual aids during the hearing that showed photos of Hunter Biden “making pornography.”

Hunter allegedly wrote off many sex-related escapades as tax write-offs, which included “escorts,” a “sex club payment,” and “multiple sex tapes” that were recorded with hired prostitutes.

Wednesday’s first whistleblower hearing was rife with shocking information regarding the Biden family. Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., pointedly highlighted the infamous quote “10 Held by H for The Big Guy,” and asked who the “Big Guy” could be.

Via RSBN, Ziegler answered that it was “President Biden.” Shapley agreed that the “Big Guy” was believed to be Joe Biden.

“I haven’t heard any new updates on the 17 new audio recordings that are legitimate proof that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden both took $5 million bribes from the oligarch who owns Burisma,” Rep. Greene told Fox Business.

She was referring to the audio recordings that were revealed in an FBI FD-1023 form that revealed a foreign nation who allegedly bribed Joe and Hunter Biden had kept what is believed to be damning audio recordings of his conversations with them.

She continued, “Today in my testimony in the Oversight Committee – I showed proof of real crimes committed by Hunter Biden that the department of Justice won’t even prosecute…how can we go after 17 audio recordings that prove the President of the United States took a bribe when he was vice president when the Department of Justice will not even prosecute his son Hunter Biden for paying prostitutes through his law firm and writing it off as business expenses when he filed his taxes?”

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